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This is a practitioner-only product.  Please contact Carmela Rosato in order to discuss your needs: 


0406 559 729

Bioceuticals Clinical IM Repair 300g licorice

  • Active ingredients:

    aloe vera leaf inner juice dry 500 microgram/g
       equiv. aloe vera (juice fresh) 100mg/g
    Althaea officinalis root extract dry concentrate 150mg/g
       equiv. Althaea officinalis (dry) 637.5mg/g
    Cinnamomum cassia stem bark extract dry concentrate 13.34mg/g
       equiv. Cinnamomum cassia (dry) 200mg/g
    glutamine 400mg/g
    glutathione 5mg/g
    Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract dry concentrate standardised 15mg/g
       equiv. Glycyrrhiza glabra (dry) 412.5mg/g
    pectin 20mg/g
    quercetin dihydrate 4.25mg/g
    Ulmus rubra stem bark inner powder 100mg/g

    Other ingredients (excipients):

    colloidal anhydrous silica

  • Mix one teaspoon in water, twice daily.