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Candida Blast is the first step in our Candida infection treatment plan.  It has everything you need to effectively eliminate the candida overgrowth, and reduce the chances of it returning.


To ensure that you've beaten the infection for good, it's best to follow on with our Candida Reset.


Candida Blast contains one month's supply of the following supplements:


- Herbs of Gold Gut Care 150g: $51.50

- Herbs of Gold Berberine ImmunoPlex 30 tabs (2): $79.90

- Cell Logic ImmunoGenex 250g: $49.95

- Wanderlust Daily Detox 60 caps: $34.99


Alongside the supplements, you get:


- our 36-page Candida Blast 4-week treatment program: $49.95


This includes:


- information on the causes of Candida

- the most effective way to kill the overgrowth, using natural remedies (anti-microbials)

- easy, practical ways to improve your digestive system health to aid recovery and prevent relapse

- lifestyle guidance (managing stress and the do’s and don’ts of healthy eating)

- our 4-week supplement protocol

- our 14-day meal plan, with 34 original recipes.


Normal price: $266.29

Wellness kit price: $247.69 + FREE standard shipping (valued at $12.10 - $36.30)

Candida Blast (4-week treatment program and supplements)