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The Candida Blast 4-week treatment program is for Candida sufferers who would like expert guidance to help them towards recovery.


Our 48-page program contains:


- information on the causes of Candida

- the most effective way to kill the overgrowth, using natural remedies (anti-microbials)

- easy, practical ways to improve your digestive system health to aid recovery and prevent relapse

- lifestyle guidance (managing stress and the do’s and don’ts of healthy eating)

- our 4-week supplement protocol (applies to wellness kit supplements)

- our 4-week meal plan, with 47 original recipes.


If you would prefer to have our hand-chosen supplements with the treatment program, we recommend that you purchase the wellness kit: 


- Candida Blast 4-week treatment program and supplements


Candida Blast 4-week treatment program

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