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Purchase of this product includes free standard shipping within Australia.  That's a savings of $10 to $24.


You also get the stack price:


Normal price: $174.87

Stack price: $157.38 (that's 10% off)


This stack, a month's supply, is designed to mix together for a daily smoothie.  


Ideally, mix with non-dairy milk (avoiding thickeners), or lactose-free milk. Empty the probiotic capsule contents into the smoothie.


Provides everything you need to build a healthy microbiome and relieve chronic constipation. The stack is SIBO and IBS friendly, and low-FODMAP.




Two specific strains of probiotics, clinically proven to relieve chronic constipation, bloating and abdominal pain, and help build a healthy microbiome.


PHGG is a well-tolerated fibre that feeds good bacteria, heals the gut and combats overgrowths.


Low-carb, low-sugar tasty protein powder (no other sweeteners needed).


The stack includes: 


Flordis Ther-Biotic IBS Relief 30 caps: $49.95

MTHFR Support Organic Powder PHGG 250g: $38.97

Protein Supplies WPI Fast Release High Protein 1kg: $85.95


(See individual product links for ingredients and important information)


Microbiome-building smoothie stack

AU$174.87 Regular Price
AU$157.38Sale Price
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