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Nutra Nourished Neem Capsules are 100% Pure Natural Neem Leaf in Vegan Vegetarian Capsules.


Nutra Nourished Neem Capsules is a Neem Leaf Super Food and an Ancient Indian, Tibetan & Nepalese Ayurvedic Herb referred to as Nature s Tree of Life for over 3000 Years.




- detoxifying

- anti-inflammatory

- potent gastroprotective and antiulcer effects

- may help destroy cancerous cells

- may help destroy harmful bacteria

- improve skin health

- antimalarial effects

- diabetes management

- hair health

- dental and oral health

- aid liver and kidney health

Nutra Nourished Neem Leaf 60 caps

  • Pure neem leaf powder 660mg

  • Take one to two capsules a day, with water.

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