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Purchase of this product includes free standard shipping within Australia.  That's a savings of $10 to $24.


You also get the stack price:


Normal price: $183.70

Stack price: $165.33 (that's 10% off)


This product also comes with a free treatment protocol (dosage plan) and general dietary guidelines.


This stack has been put together by our nutritional therapist, Carmela, to provide everything you need to treat your SIBO.  


Even if you're not sure whether you have hydrogen-dominant or methane-dominant SIBO, it doesn't matter.  This collection of supplements treats both types.


It contains: 


- two key antimicrobials, oregano and neem, which are scientifically proven to kill the overgrowth

- L-glutamine, the go-to nutrient to heal the gut lining, to speed recovery and help reduce the chances of a relapse

- PHGG Plus which helps speed recovery and provide fibre and probiotics to build a healthy microbiome.


The stack includes:


Solutions4Health Oil of Wild Oregano 30 caps $24.95

Solutions4Health Oil of Wild Oregano 60 caps $39.95

Nutra Nourished Neem Leaf 60 caps $33.90

White Wolf Pure Glutamine 300g $44.95

Wonderfoods PHGG Plus 180g $39.95


(See individual product links for ingredients and important information)


The All-Rounder SIBO Stack

AU$183.70 Regular Price
AU$165.33Sale Price
  • Upon purchase of this stack, we will email you the therapeutic treatment protocol (dosage plan) and general dietary guidelines.

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