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For those who are undergoing (or have recently taken) antibiotic (or natural antimicrobial) treatment for SIBO, Candida or H pylori.


This stack provides supporting nutrients to enhance treatment. It also treats the underlying causes of your gut condition, and help get rid of them for good.


This product also comes with a free treatment protocol (emailed to you upon purchase).


White Wolf L-glutamine - the go-to gut healer that helps reduce inflammation, reinstate a healthy microbiome, speed recovery from gut infections and prevent relapses.


Wonderfoods PHGG Plus - provides fibre and spore-based probiotics, easily tolerated by those with SIBO, IBS or other gut problems. PHGG (partially hydrolysed guar gum) is clinically proven to boost effectiveness of antibiotic (rifaximin) treatment for SIBO. Probiotics also help to get rid of SIBO and build a healthy microbiome, which helps prevent SIBO from coming back.


Naturobest Detox & Liver - supports the body's ability to detoxify and eliminate dead and dying bacteria during antimicrobial treatment, reduces the likelihood of a die-off reaction from happening. The ingredients in Detox & Liver act as a prokinetic, improving motility which is often one of the root causes of SIBO, IBS and chronic constipation.


Henry Bloom's Ginger Calm - a powerful prokinetic that improves motility. Impaired motility is often an underlying cause of SIBO, IBD and chronic constipation.


See individual products for ingredients and important information.

Antibiotic Recovery Stack

AU$141.46 Regular Price
AU$127.31Sale Price
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