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The Candida 4-week meal plan is for those who already have a supplement protocol and guidance to recover from Candida, and are simply looking for an accompanying comprehensive meal plan. 


Our meal plan is great value.  You get:


- Meals for each entire day of the 4-week period


- 47 original, delicious recipes created by our nutritional therapist, Carmela Rosato


Inside you'll find such meals as:


- Cold smoked mackerel with cold salad potatoes, Mediterranean green beans and salsa verde


- Marinated chicken with carrot and pumpkin mash


- Falafel with homemade tzatziki and green salad with homemade vinaigrette


- Sweet potato and ricotta pancakes topped with ricotta, sugar-free maple syrup and berries


This meal plan has been especially created for Candida sufferers. It includes polyphenols, fibre, natural antibacterials and antifungals, natural gut healers, prebiotics, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.



Candida Blast 4-week meal plan

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