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Purchase of this product includes free standard shipping within Australia.  That's a savings of $10 to $24.


You also get the bundle price:


Normal price: $277.42

Bundle price: $257.42


This phase 2 bundle is for the second 3-week round of treatment.  For best results, follow on from Phase 1.  It contains all the supplements you need:


Metagenics Bactrex (2)

Biomedica IB Pro

Orthoplex Gut R 

Orthoplex Gut SynBiotic


The bundle also comes with a free protocol (dosage guidance). 


SIBO: Hydrogen-dominant core treatment (phase 2) includes a broad-spectrum antimicrobial treatment, a gut healer, a natural anti-inflammatory, an immune balancer, a prokinetic, fibre (prebiotic) and probiotics.

SIBO: Hydrogen-dominant core treatment (phase 2)

AU$277.42 Regular Price
AU$257.42Sale Price
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