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Purchase of this product includes free standard shipping within Australia.  That's a savings of $10 to $24.


You also get the bundle price:


Normal price: $267.86

Bundle price: $247.86


This bundle includes phase 1 of your methane-dominant SIBO treatment, containing all the supplements you need:


Biomedica Phytaxil (2)

Oriental Botanicals Liver Tonic

Orthoplex Gut R 

Biomedica IB-Pro


It also includes a free protocol (dosage guidance). 


These products treat the overgrowth, heal the gut, support digestion, improve motility (pro-kinetic) and support your body’s detoxification processes so that you don’t suffer any die-off reactions.

SIBO: Methane-dominant core treatment (phase 1)

AU$267.86 Regular Price
AU$247.86Sale Price
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