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Targeted upper GIT support.


Only TOXAPREVENT® has the double-patented, advanced purification and activation process yielding only pure uncontaminated MANC® ready for utilisation in the intestinal tract.


TOXAPREVENT® is not absorbed through the gastro-intestinal tract into the bloodstream. In fact, because it is not absorbed across the intestinal wall it is classed as a therapeutic device, not a supplement.


TOXAPREVENT® MEDI PLUS comes in a sachet providing powdered MANC®, which is mixed with 200-300ml of water per sachet, delivering targeted support to the mouth, oesophagus and stomach.

Biopractica Toxaprevent Medi Plus powder 10 x 3g (PRACTITIONER-ONLY)

  • Each sachet contains:

    modified and activated natural clinoptilolite (MANC)

  • Mix one sachet in water, once to twice daily.


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