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You need a prescription to buy this product. Please email us a copy of your prescription or book an online consultation with our practitioner Carmela Rosato.


Metagenics Alergeze 60 tabs (PRACTITIONER-ONLY)

  • Each tablet contains:

    quercetin dihydrate 500mg
    bromelains 9 million PU (282mg)
    NRA2™ Polyherbal Complex containing dry herbal extracts equiv:

    Terminalia chebula (Terminalia myrobalan), fruit pericap 129mg
       derived from dry fruit pericap 644mg
    Phyllanthus emblica (emblic), fruit pericarp 78mg
       derived from dry fruit pericap 391mg
    Terminalia bellirica (myrobalan), fruit pericap 76mg
       derived from dry fruit pericap 380mg
    Albizia lebbeck (albizia), stem bark 24mg
       derived from dry stem bark 189mg
    Piper longum (long pepper), fruit 11mg
       derived from dry fruit 15mg
    Zingiber officinale (ginger), rhizome 5.5mg
       derived from dry rhizome 15mg
    Piper nigrum (black pepper), fruit 7.1mg
       derived from dry fruit 15mg

  • Take two tablets with food, twice daily.

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