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1. Eat meals from a small dinner plate or large side plate.

2. Plan all meals or snacks ahead of time.

3. Make a meal of all meals & snacks - no eating on the run:

- Spoon food out of cartons onto plates

- Make your meal as attractive as possible - use nice plates, napkins, garnishes etc.

4. Eat the table - Turn the TV off and no reading.

5. Chew well and eat slowly – it takes about 15-20 minutes for your body to tell your brain it’s had enough food.

6. Bulky starchy foods with vegetables (e.g add zucchini, capsicums, mushrooms, tomatoes to pasta).

7. Have protein in every meal or snack (e.g eggs, protein powder, small amount of cheese, cooked chicken, legumes).

8. Choose soups and salads over more calorie-dense foods (research shows that you are likely to feel just as satisfied).

9. Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry.

10. Store tempting foods in opaque packaging and tuck away at the back of fridge or cupboard.

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